VibraScout™ 6D Portable 6DOF USB Vibration Measurement System


VibraScout™ 6DoF USB Vibration Measurement System

Model 5384

VibraScout™ 6DoF USB Vibration Measurement System

The Dytran model 5384 is a unique and innovative solution for fast, portable cost–effective 6DoF vibration surveys and data acquisition. The VibraScout™ 6DoF is essentially a plug–and–play, cost–effective portable dat
More Details...

  • Apply post–processing analysis to record data from VibraScout™ 6D sensor
  • Contains an innovative 8–pole elliptical anti–aliasing filter
  • Measures X, Y, Z acceleration, along with roll, pitch, yaw
  • Real time display of acceleration, gyro and temperature data with 5 seconds of buffer
  • Test Log to display RMS, Max, Min, and pk–pk plots for overall recorded data
  • "Scope Preview" feature for data playback
  • Single and double integration for velocity and displacement calculation
  • User defined filters for each individual channel
  • FFT and octave analysis
  • Multi–channel overlays
  • One click export of all plots and text files to data file directory
  • Develop "Pass/Fail" criteria for vibration or shock–based "end of line" acceptance testing
  • Produce graphics, charts and data for reports and white papers
  • Document "before–and–after" condition to assess effectiveness of design changes
  • Perform ride quality and other "whole body" human response studies
  • Establish the basis for a simplified machinery condition monitoring program
  • Quickly quantify and pinpoint sources of unwanted vibration
  • Measure tilt angles on heavy equipment, construction sites, and structures
  • Survey anything to get a feel for what's happening– the first step towards fixing it!
Model Variations
Accelerometer range 14g, gyro input range 6000°/s, 4–pin 1/4–28 radial connector, mounting via two #4 or M3 screws, 25 grams, embedded µcontroller,–40 to +185°F Operation

6 Degrees of Freedom Portable USB Vibration System

Software Downloads:

Please install the Labview runtime engine from the link below before launching the application. You can refer to the Operating Guide for additional information:

  1.  Labview Runtime
  2.  7586A2 USB Driver
  3.  9013 VibraScout™ 6DoF Software Rev D

VibraScout™ 6DoF System Includes:

  • x
    • ​Model 7586A2, 14g
    • Model 6330A15, 15-foot cable assembly, 4-pin to USB
    • (2) Mounting Screws (6-32)
    • (2) Mounting Screws (M3x0.5)
    • Convenient carrying case
    • Software Toolkit: Download using links (see above)

Minimum Computer System Requirements: 

  • x
    • Desktop or laptop (x86 based personal computer)
    • Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatible (32‐bit or 64‐bit)
    • Processor: i5 processor, 4th generation or greater
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Hard disk space: 1 GB
    • USB 2.0
    • Display resolution 1280×780

Software Features: 

  • x
    • Apply post-processing analysis to recorded data from VibraScout™ 6DoF sensor
    • Real-time display of acceleration and gyro data with 5 seconds on buffer
    • Three channel, multi-channel, scope (rotating machinery) and real-time waterfall plots 
    • User-selectable frequency settings for windowing and frequency range settings
    • Can reproduce interpolated oversampled data to provide better resolution of vibration signals
    • Imperial or standard engineering units for all channels. Unit conversion is selectable by the user
    • Export multiple file types including time data, FFT, PSD and CPB in CSV, JPG, UFF58, and MAT LAB formats 
    • Plot overlays for channel to channel comparison
    • API available as .NET-compatible for integration into custom test systems
    • One click export of all plots and text files to data file directory

Typical Screen Displays: