3099A: Mechanically & Electrically Filtered High Shock Accelerometer




Dytran Instruments, Inc. of Chatsworth, CA has introduced the 3099A IEPE Series of mechanically and electrically filtered high shock accelerometers that are available in a variety of measurement ranges.
The Dytran 3099A Series measures high shock impact up to 60 kg and other high amplitude, short-duration events where high frequency “ringing” and zero shift phenomena can be a problem. Its unique miniature design incorporates a quartz sensing element with a mechanical and electrical filter to ensure zero shift does not corrupt your SRS plot. Quartz, a naturally poled single piezoelectric crystal, provides better stability of the sensitivity value over time and across a wide range of operating temperatures.
The 3099A family of sensors is case isolated to avoid ground loop interference and structure-borne electrical noise and the stainless-steel housing is hermetically sealed for use in wet or humid environments. The miniature size of the sensor allows it to be mounted in spaces that are inaccessible to other types of accelerometers. Models 3099A5, A6, and A7 terminate in a 10-32 connector and are offered in multiple lengths. The 3099A also comes with a cable adapter (Model 6109) for end-users that need a different mating termination. The use of a 10-32 connector offers a user-friendly instrument that eliminates a manual assembly step prior to use. All models feature a 1/4–28 integral mounting stud.
The 3099A Series works in a variety of application environments, including high shock metal-to-metal impact, explosive bolts, drop-shock testing of consumer electronics, stage separation testing, impact tools, and pyroshock events.
For more information about the 3099A Series, please call us at 818-700-7818 or email [email protected] for applications assistance and pricing.