3055D & 3056D NEW High Temperature Models




Dytran Instruments, Inc. of Chatsworth, CA is excited to announce the addition of high-temperature models to two of our most popular IEPE families of products: the 3055D and 3056D Series. The new 3055D7-D10, D13, D14, and 3056D9-D14 models feature an extended operating temperature range of 325°F (163°C) for use in higher temperature testing environments.
These new models include the standard performance features that are found in the original series. The 3055D and 3056D families are characterized by low noise, high resonant frequencies (> 25 kHz), a tight sensitivity specification of ±5%, and a frequency response of 1 Hz to 10 kHz. The welded titanium housing yields a durable, yet lightweight product. Especially popular for modal response and shaker control, the 3055D and 3056D Series also have strong demand in many general-purpose applications.
Both sensor series offer true base isolation, setting them apart from other products on the market. Other similar sensors offer electrical isolation achieved through an external, isolated mounting base. The use of this separate accessory adds additional weight to the sensor. It also adds height to the sensor, which can adversely affect the frequency response. These product families also feature a wider hex design for ease of installation.
What differentiates the 3055D from the 3056D is the location of the connector. The 3055D Series features a side 10-32 radial connector, while the 3056D Series features a top 10-32 axial connector. Optional TEDS capabilities are also available for both series.
For more information about the 3055D Series or the 3056D Series Series, please call us at 818-700-7818 or email sales@dytran.com for applications assistance and pricing.