CAN–MD® Completes Successful Test on GE H80 Turboprop Engine




The Dytran/Sage CAN-MD® development team announces successful results from their innovative sensor-based machinery diagnostic platform initial testing. A testing campaign at GE Aviation Czech was recently completed, validating the effectiveness of the system for full time vibration health monitoring (VHM) in small turboprop applications. The test series was conducted via a side- by-side comparison using GE’s test cell engine data acquisition system. The internally microprocessor-enabled CAN-MD® sensors successfully and accurately acquired, processed and broadcasted the detected vibration signatures onto the digital data bus in the form of Condition Indicators (CIs) that correlate into component faults. Data from CAN-MD® was then integrated with the test cell display and control system for immediate comparison. “With vibration processing now being accomplished on the sensor, CAN-MD® fault detection can easily be integrated into existing test cells, aircraft avionics, and flight tracking systems providing for a fulltime lightweight and scalable VHM solution that supports both engine/propeller health and propeller balance while eliminating the need for temporary fit support equipment”, said Paul Grabill, Chief Engineer, Sage Machinery Diagnostics, LLC.  During the next phase of testing, CAN-MD® will be installed on a flying testbed using an H80 engine to validate the diagnostics capabilities seen in recent testing. The end target could be the introduction of this solution on the H Series engine series with a full integration into the aircraft’s avionics to record data relative to the health of the propeller, compressor, turbine, gearbox, and accessories. 
Dytran and Sage-MD are co-developing a new paradigm in advanced onboard diagnostics systems for the vibration health monitoring (VHM) field. The result of the Dytran-Sage collaboration is the innovative CAN-MD® (Controller Area Network – Machinery Diagnostic*) platform, a bus-based, digital smart sensor network that includes accelerometers and tachometer(s) with configurable firmware for machinery health monitoring and diagnostics. The all-digital architecture of the CAN-MD® platform reduces installed weight, simplifies wiring runs, and reduces the complexity of the vibration data acquisition and analysis portion of aircraft health monitoring systems. Raw acceleration, rotational speed and balance azimuth data is processed within each sensor and results are reported over a single digital data bus, negating the need for a central processor and myriad of wiring throughout the airframe. CAN-MD® spreads the digital signal processing (DSP) over the entire aircraft platform providing a true distributed processing installation. The analysis firmware on board each sensor is configurable so it can be optimized for any application. Looking ahead, CAN-MD® is ideal for all aircraft operations and especially those flying in agricultural, training, SAR, ISR manned/unmanned where lower system weight is critical to identify impending mechanical issues that could affect vehicle safety, operation and improve maintenance tracking. CAN-MD® patent pending technology is offered as a complete standalone system or the sensors themselves can be easily integrated into other onboard avionics systems with a digital bus interface.
Dytran Instruments, Inc., founded in 1980, is a leading sensor supplier for the US Army HUMS programs, Boeing, Bell Helicopter, Sikorsky Helicopters and is sourced by many major aircraft/engine OEM’s and aircraft health monitoring system manufacturers.
Sage Machinery Diagnostics, LLC, founded in 2014 by seasoned veterans of the embedded diagnostics industry, offers engineering support and consultation in the development and fielding of onboard health monitoring systems.
GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, components and integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft. GE Aviation has a global service network to support these offerings. For more information, visit us at
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