Model 5384: VibraScout™ 6DoF USB Vibration Measurements System




Dytran Instruments, Inc. ( announces the innovative VibraScout™ 6DoF USB six degree of freedom sensor for measurement and analysis of static and dynamic events. The VibraScout™ 6DoF is an innovative, cost-effective, plug-and-play, portable data acquisition system. It contains an 8-pole elliptical anti-aliasing filter and measures X, Y, Z acceleration, as well as roll, pitch, yaw.

In-field data collection, Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) studies, end-of-line testing, static angular measurements, ride quality, vibration measurement and diagnosis of rotating machinery are all possible with VibraScout™ 6DoF. Simply load the VibraScout™ software on a laptop or tablet and plug the sensor cable into the USB port.   
VibraScout™ 6DoF can plot recorded data, zoom and select a specific timeframe of recorded data for post-processing, reproduce interpolated oversampled data to provide better resolution of vibration signals, export multiple file types including time data, FFT, PSD and CPB in CSV, JPG, UFF58, and MAT LAB formats. An Application Programming Interface (API) is available for customers who would like to build custom applications for the VibraScout™ 6DoF. The API provides support for any .NET-compatible client application. Custom application development is also available.
The variable capacitance (VC) triaxial accelerometer and gyroscopes are protected inside a small, hermetically sealed titanium housing weighing 25 grams making it ideal for use in harsh environments. The frequency range of the VibraScout™ 6DoF accelerometer is 0 Hz (DC) to 1,000 Hz and the gyro sensor is 0 to 140 Hz. Units are ruggedized to 3,000g shock.

For more information about the 5384, please call us at 818-700-7818 or email for applications assistance and pricing.