Cloud Based Asset Monitoring Demo Debuts at 2018 Heli Expo Feb 27 – March 1




Dytran Instruments, Inc. and technology development partner Sage Machinery Diagnostics, LLC announce the premiere of our CAN-MD® Gateway along with live demos at HAI’s 2018 Heli Expo in Las Vegas February 27th- March 1st at Booth N4923 . See this disruptive technology in person.  
The Technology: HUMS in a Sensor
CAN-MD® (Controller Area Network – Machinery Diagnostic) is a bus-based digital sensor technology platform from the Dytran/Sage team.  CAN-MD® sensors combine two engineering disciplines – vibration sensing and digital signal processing (DSP) to enable a radical next generation  technology that turns every sensor into a stand-alone data processor that provides distributed processing and health  monitoring of  critical rotating  components across the airframe. 
The innovative sensor-based HUMS platform turns raw data into actionable outcomes at each sensor location; it is the next breakthrough in airborne distributed processing.  CAN-MD® sensors self-process wide dynamic range vibration data into Condition Indicators (CI’s) inside the sensor, then transmit the CI’s via a digital data bus. 
Processing the dynamic signals inside the sensors reduces the bandwidth of the information to “byte-size” pieces of fully processed information turning “Big Data” into small data. Aside from internally CAN-MD® enabled accelerometers, system integration currently supports analog IEPE vibration sensors, optical & magnetic tachometers and high temperature engine monitoring sensors via additional CAN-MD® bus adapters. The CAN-MD® platform is expandable to convert any analog sensor to a bussed environment including popular optical rotor blade track sensors. The CAN-MD® platform enables different sensing technologies to be brought to a single, configurable, “sensor fusion” domain where every sensor can see and receive information from any sensor on the bus and perform new calculations based on this information. 
The Demo: Cloud Based Asset Monitoring Made Easy
The Dytran/Sage Team will show you how easy it is to get CAN-MD® diagnostic information to the cloud via the simple, affordable CAN-MD® Gateway and how this device would integrate well with many ground based engine and gearbox test cells in addition to airborne applications. 
Stop by to get an introduction to the next evolution in smart sensor technology at the Dytran booth.  See you at Heli-Expo!

To Learn More
Please contact Dave Change, Vice President/Technical Director at Dytran ( or Chuck Kemp, President at Sage Machinery Diagnostics, LLC ( or visit and
About Us
Dytran Instruments, Inc. is a world leader in AC and DC coupled vibration sensors and accelerometers installed in commercial and military rotorcraft HUMS systems. Sage Machinery Diagnostics, LLC, is a small team of industry veterans experienced in Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). They have participated in the development of four prior generations of Vibration Health Monitoring (VHM) and HUMS systems within the rotorcraft industry serving both commercial and military applications. CAN-MD® is a 5th generation HUMS system aimed at digitally transforming the onboard vibration health monitoring industry.