Splash Proof Cable Assemblies




Dytran Instruments, Inc. (www.dytran.com) has released three cable assemblies featuring an innovative IP65 rated connector that keeps the connection between cables and accelerometers dry during vehicle dynamics testing. Models 60033A, 60034A and 60035A are 4-pin, triaxial, four conductor shielded cables offered in various terminations and lengths that are designed to thrive in harsh environments.

The addition of an IP65 rated connector makes these cable assemblies ideal for use in outdoor and indoor applications where they may be exposed to dust and moisture. When these robust cables are properly mated with an industry standard pin-out, hermetically sealed, triaxial accelerometer the IP65 rated ¼-28 4-pin connector makes the cable dust-tight and protected against the ingress of water due to splashing. The cables are guaranteed to be splash proof and protected against dust ingress up to the black molded triaxial splitter.

These three triaxial cable assemblies are jacketed in Teflon™ and have an IP65 rated ¼-28 4-pin connector. They have an operating temperature of -55°C (-131°F) to +135°C (+275°F). Model 60033A terminates to three Santoprene™ BNC plugs, model 60034A terminates to flying leads and model 60035A terminates to three 10-32 plugs. The basic cable used for these models can withstand a voltage potential of up to 250 volts between conductors.

Typical uses for these cable assemblies include but are not limited to the following applications: field testing, outdoor and marine applications, undercarriage and suspension testing as well as NVH applications. All Dytran cable assemblies are designed and manufactured in the USA and are made with our customers challenging environments in mind.

For more information about cable assemblies 60033A, 60034A and 60035A or other products available from Dytran, please call 818-700-7818 or email sales@dytran.com for more information and pricing.