Model 3335C: Ultra High Temperature Charge Mode Accelerometer




Dytran Instruments, Inc. ( a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and DC MEMS accelerometers, force and pressure transducers and associated electronics, has introduced model 3335C, a small, electrically isolated, single axis, charge mode accelerometer that operates up to +1200°F (+649°C).

Every aspect of this model is designed to provide high performance and long durability in the harshest high-temperature environments. Its base isolation, low mass, hermetically-sealed superalloy Inconel™ 600 housing and patented Silver Window™ technology make it ideal for use in high-temperature applications including turbine monitoring, nuclear power plants, exhaust manifold and catalytic converter noise studies.

A unique feature of this accelerometer is Dytran’s patented Silver Window™ technology which allows the sensor to withstand temperature excursions hundreds of degrees higher than specified.  A "silver window" on the top cover of the accelerometer housing allows a diffused oxygen molecule to pass through at high temperatures, replenishing oxygen to the crystal while maintaining the hermetic seal integrity.  This innovative feature assures continued high-temperature operation with minimal loss of insulation resistance due to oxygen deprivation.

In addition, the use of smaller piezoelectric crystals makes the assembly more robust and able to resist thermal shocks. Model 3335C uses better-designed crystals and internal elements that are made with a perfect match of coefficient of thermal expansions with high-temperature alloys. Its internal electrical isolation is independent of the sensing element to avoid signal ground loops.

Available with a sensitivity of 1 - 2 pC/g, model 3335C is installed using a 10-32 mounting screw and has a lock-wire hole for securing the sensor to the structure. It features a 10-32 integral hard-line cable designed to survive harsh environments and transmit a reliable signal to the data acquisition unit.

For more information about model 3335C or other products available from Dytran, or to order online, visit  Please call 818-700-7818 or email for more information and pricing.