Series 7503D: High Precision Triaxial VC MEMS Accelerometer




Dytran Instruments, Inc. ( a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and DC MEMS accelerometers, force and pressure transducers and associated electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of series 7503D, a family of high-precision variable capacitance (VC) triaxial accelerometers.

Series 7503D combines three VC accelerometer chips with high drive, low impedance buffering for measuring acceleration in rugged automotive, commercial and industrial environments. These accelerometers are tailored for DC-to-medium frequency response applications and contain hermetically sealed MEMS capacitive sensing elements, a custom integrated circuit amplifier, low noise electronics and differential output stages.

The hermetically sealed titanium case has a single 5/16-32 9-pin receptacle and can easily be mounted using either two Ø.18 thru holes or a 1/4-28 UNF-2B mounting hole. Units are available in ten different ranges (from 5g to 400 g) to cover a broad range of acceleration measurements. They operate over a broad temperature range and provide thermal stability. Sensors can be conditioned using any power supply that is capable of producing voltages in the range of +9 to +26 VDC. When used with Dytran 6964AXX cable, the cable shield is electrically connected to the titanium case; the power and signal wires are isolated from the case.
These robust and reliable sensors provide DC triaxial measurements in a lightweight, efficient package. In addition, the hermetically sealed titanium housing ensures high performance in heat and humidity, as well as in harsh and dirty environments. Typical uses for the 7503D series include but are not limited to the following applications: aerospace flight testing, automotive road load testing (RLDA), automotive durability, automotive squeak and rattle, simulator control and space flight testing.

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