Hardline Cable Improvement




Accelerometers and instruments operating at temperatures over 700°F and up to 1,200°F, utilize hardline cable interconnects, that must be of robust construction to survive the harsh environments encountered, and to be able to transmit a reliable signal to the data acquisition unit.

Typically, they are manufactured with metals of special high temperature alloys, like Stainless Steel 304, Inconel 600, etc. The internal construction uses a mineral insulator material, typically Silicon Dioxide or Magnesium Oxide compacted inside the sheath of the cable, separating the core wire, and isolating the center conductor. The standard cable ends are 10-32 microdot type connectors made with the same metal alloys and isolated with ceramic or glass-to-metal seals that can sustain the high operational temperatures.

Dytran Instruments manufactures hardline cables with a 304 Stainless Steel construction and a Silicon dioxide mineral insulator.  It is well known that Magnesium Oxide is high hygroscopic, which makes this cable susceptible to moisture during manufacturing and in the field when deployed by the users. The main requisite of high temperature accelerometers and thus accessories used with them is high insulation resistance.  Any contamination or moisture that can reduce insulation resistance is unacceptable for high temperature applications, therefore, Magnesium Oxide as a Mineral insulator in hardline cables is more prone to failures in the field and is a cost adder during manufacturing, making this an unnecessary cost which is passed to the final customer.

Furthermore, Dytran Instruments has improved the design of hardline cable connectors ends to incorporate two versions that are extremely robust, after learning of early failures with some applications in the field that were more demanding.  In one version, model 6979A, and in all previous model numbers, Dytran maintained the same ceramic insulator on the center pin of the 10-32 connector, but made it with an internal square feature that won't allow torsion or rotation of the center pin, plus it won't allow pulling externally, so it is a very robust new design, rated at 1,200°F.  In a second version, model 60016A, Dytran installed a complete glass-to metal seal fully welded on both ends of the hardline cable, which also won't allow torsion, twisting, rotation, or pulling of the center pin. This second version is rated at 1,100°F, with short excursions up to 1,200°F.   We welcome our loyal customers and new users to test our new hardline cables, which are the most robust in the market at this time.

For more information about hardline cables from Dytran, or to order online, visit www.dytran.com.  Please call 818-700-7818 or email sales@dytran.com for more information and pricing.

About Dytran Instruments, Inc.:
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