Dytran Launches New Website




Dytran announces the launch of our newly redesigned website!

The design goals of the new website are to provide customers and sales personnel with the best possible user experience while exploring the Dytran product line.  The new website architecture is a fully responsive layout that adapts to desktops, tablets and smart phones for a more user friendly experience.

The website now features a redesigned “Product Configurator” function that allows users to more easily specify a particular product based on a variety of pre-selected attributes. Users can now expedite their search by selecting specific filters to find unique products that will meet their testing needs. Product searches can also be narrowed by selecting “Applications” or “Configurations” via the newly consolidated product pages and drop down menus that allow for easy product comparisons. New “Educational Resources” are available for quick download including access to CAD models and Operating Guides that will allow customers to better integrate Dytran products into their specific application.

Last, we are excited to announce the Dytran “Daily Vibe” blog where we will update our customers and internal team members on new product releases and news stories. Social media icons will allow readers to share the post via Email, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and more! Also, don’t forget to sign up for our new Newsletter feature to keep up to date with the newest Dytran developments!

To get a better understanding of the new features and learn how to navigate the website, visit “Resources” at Dytran.com. Here you will find quick tutorials as well as a list of smaller but impactful changes that have been integrated to improve your experience on the Dytran website. If you have any questions call 818-700-7818 or email us at marketing@dytran.com.