Ultra–High Temp. Operation: 1200°F Accelerometer




Ultra high-temperature testing environments, such as exhaust and catalytic converter studies, demand durable and innovative sensors that can perform under extreme conditions.

Dytran Instrument's Model 3335C charge mode accelerometer combines all known advances in high-temperature sensor technology to create a small, powerful sensor that operates up to 1200°F (639°C) with 1-2 pC/g sensitivity and a 2500 Hz upper frequency range.

Dytran developed a patented technology to overcome oxygen depletion--the primary sensor design issue that affects all piezoelectric sensing materials at high temperatures. Dytran’s technology incorporates a metallic Silver Window™ which allows the diffusion of oxygen from the exterior of a sensor’s housing while producing a constant supply of oxygen to the interior which is activated only when operated at high temperatures. Dytran sensors which employ the Silver Window™ technology are hermetically sealed—a vital requirement for testing in extreme environments—as the silver metal allows diffusion only through the metal matrix. Because of this patented technology, the 3335C accelerometer operates at temperatures up to 1200°F without the need of a cooling agent, heat dissipation apparatus, or cumbersome shielding
which significantly add to the mass of other high temperature accelerometers on the market.

The main testing applications for Dytran's innovative, high performance sensor are automotive exhaust and catalytic converter studies; exhaust manifold vibration testing; turbo testing;, brake rotor testing; oxygen sensor vibration testing; gas and steam turbines for power generation and aircraft testing; rocket engines; and many other ultra high- temperature vibration testing environments.