Service Price List

Service Price List



Dytran Instruments, Inc. is a registered AS9100 company as well as an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified calibration laboratory, accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).  As an ISO 17025 registered company, calibrations performed at Dytran are recognized as valid and repeatable.
All calibrations at Dytran are traceable to NIST under an approval system in compliance with ISO 17025, ISO 10012-1 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.  Unless otherwise specified, all calibrations are performed according to standard manufacturing procedures as provided with the sensor at the time of original purchase.
Dytran’s Service Department offers both calibration and maintenance services.  We calibrate Dytran and non-Dytran units (call for verification).  The Dytran recommendation is to recalibrate your instruments on a yearly basis.   Our service department is constantly setting a higher standard, providing customers with ultimate quality and quick turnaround, all at a competitive price.  Expedited services are offered for a nominal fee.
Please review the following pricing guide and contact the Service Department at 818-700-7818 or email to request an RMA number.  Instrumentation sent to Dytran without an RMA number will be returned.
Standard calibration turnaround time is 7 days after arrival at the factory.  Standard repair turnaround time (for Dytran accelerometers only) is 10 to 15 days from date of evaluation.

Calibration Services


Price per Unit

Piezoelectric Accelerometer $115.00
Shock Accelerometers $144.00
Piezoelectric Triaxial Accelerometer $260.00
Back-to-Back Calibration Standards, 3120BK $288.00
Back-to-Back Calibration Standards, 3123AK $316.00
Piezoelectric Force Sensors $132.00
Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors $132.00
Impulse Hammers, 5800B Series $127.00
Impulse Hammers, 5802A, 5803A & 5805A $150.00
Current Source Power Units, 4000 Series Call for Pricing Details
Quantity discounts – $10 off standard calibration service price for 10 or more sensors sent in at one time.
Expedite Fees – (1) day turnaround from date of arrival is $75.00 per unit; (3) day turnaround from date of arrival is $40.00 per unit

Calibration Points – Dytran supplies a 3 point calibration for force, pressure and shock sensors (within manufacturer specification).  Extra calibration points at ambient temperature other than standard calibration is available by using either one of the following methods (call for pricing details):

  1. APS long stroke shaker – low frequency calibration range, 1 Hz to 10 Hz
  2. Shaker table – calibration range, 20 Hz to upper 5% frequency

Low Frequency calibration points are as follows :

  1. 1 point = $100.00
  2. 2 points - $115.00
  3. 3 points = $130.00
  4. 4+ points = $15.00 each point with a max of $250.00

*for triaxial accelerometers, low frequency points are charged per axis.

Single point calibration for accelerometers under cold or hot temperatures (added to the standard calibration cost) $175.00
Single point cryogenic (liquid nitrogen) calibration for accelerometers (added to the standard calibration cost) $200.00


Repair Services
Dytran accelerometers and triaxial accelerometers Call for Pricing Details
Cables – 10-32 or BNC connector for replacement
*BNC connectors with over mold is an additional $10.00
Cables – 5-44 connector for replacement $45.00
Cables – 4-pin (120-0010-01) connector for replacement (Dytran triaxial cables only) $50.00

Dytran has the capability to calibrate non-Dytran piezoelectric accelerometers, force sensors, pressure sensors and microphones. Other companies who manufacture these types of sensors will include but are not limited to the following companies:

  • Bruel & Kjaer
  • DJB Instruments
  • Endevco
  • Kistler
  • Unholtz-Dickie
  • Wilcoxon
  • Omega

If you do not see a particular manufacturer listed above, or you have a specific service request, please contact us at to discuss your specific needs!