Repair & Calibration

Repair & Calibration



Dytran Instruments offers a full range of calibration and routine maintenance services. Under extended normal use conditions, particularly within more extreme testing environments, over time the sensor's performance may begin to fall below the published specifications. To ensure continued measurement accuracy of Dytran sensors, annual calibrations are recommended.

All Dytran calibrations are A2LA accredited to the ISO 17025 standard at the time of manufacture. These processes also extend to our routine calibration services. To schedule the calibration of sensors, both Dytran and non-Dytran, please contact our service team at Prior to sending any hardware to the factory, you will need to receive an RMA number from the service department. For your convenience, Dytran also offers expedited calibration services as well as blanket calibration orders. Please consult the factory for details.

  • Dytran offers calibration services on accelerometers, dynamic force sensors, pressure sensors, impulse hammers and power units
  • Dytran’s calibration services are traceable to NIST under an approval system in compliance with ISO 17025, ISO 10012-1 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. Unless otherwise specified, all calibrations are performed according to standard manufacturing procedures as provided with the sensor at the time of original purchase
  • Expedited and blanket calibration services are available
  • Need to calibrate a non-Dytran sensor? Contact us for a quote.
  • New repair or warranty service on your Dytran sensors? Email for an RMA number.



In the uncommon event that a Dytran sensor is underperforming within published specifications, the Dytran team will make every effort to evaluate the root cause and determine a resolution. Whether it’s a sensor, cable or other component creating an unforeseen challenge, Dytran has the necessary in-house tools for a detailed Failure Analysis and prompt resolution.

For Dytran sensors that are no longer within the warranty period, our Service Department will attempt to repair Dytran manufactured sensors within a two year period from the date of manufacture. Our team will first evaluate the unit and then recommend an appropriate course of action. No work will be completed until the customer has been notified of any monetary charges related to the repair.

To schedule the repair of your Dytran sensor or cable, please contact our service team at