Making the Seas Calmer




Dytran’s 3583BT triaxial accelerometer is used to test vibration measurements in anti-roll gyro stabilization systems for commercial and recreational boats. These systems use gyroscope and flywheel technology to act as a counterbalance to marine turbulence.  The systems automatically gauges the ocean’s state and reacts instantaneously to turbulence by activating the flywheel, which can spin at speeds up to 557 miles per hour, generating enough force to stop a boat from rolling. 
The precision of Dytran’s 3583BT’s 500mV/g sensitivity range allows it detect vibration levels when the gyroscope and flywheel technologies of the anti-roll system are engaged, making sure the system’s vibrations are within normal limits and do not contribute to a ship’s overall vibration signature. These systems greatly reduce the boats’ roll and provide a smooth ride and calm sailing experience.