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CAN-MD® Developer Kits are custom smart sensing solutions; each is built and programmed (as needed) for individual customers.

  • Don't know anything about machinery vibration diagnostics? We develop, install and set up the sensor array for you and we can help you integrate it into your existing system architecture. Our dedicated team of engineers are ready to provide training and on-site assistance if needed. We're just a phone call away…
  • Want to own the intellectual property related to how the algorithms are set up and keep it under your sole control? No problem, we provide you with tools to set up and manage how the sensor's acquisitions and resultant CI's are configured.
  • Require total control over how the sensor acquires data and where the data goes? No problem, we provide you with an ICD so your bus developers can control the sensors and interrogate the network.
  • Want to insert your own algorithms and signal processing routines? No problem, we have the Sandbox (in development), an area in the processor reserved for your own software development and testing.  

The 4713A CAN-MD® Tablet and 4778A WiFi Data Logger provided with the developer kit allow a user to quickly and easily begin taking measurements with the CAN-MD® sensors. The system can be used as a standalone vibration measurement system or as a tool to aid in integrating with a users monitoring network. 

The CAN-MD® Tablet Software empowers the user to:

  • Configure sensor Acquisitions and Condition Indicators
  • View live data from the CAN-MD® sensors
  • Load and plot saved data from the CAN-MD® WiFi Data Logger
  • View CAN bus traffic with built in monitoring tools
  • Apply new logger updates


The CAN-MD® Tablet Software provides a user with an simple method of configuring a CAN-MD® sensor network.

  • Setup sensor Node ID’s, Acquisitions and Condition Indicators
  • Configure Asynchronous and Time Synchronous measurements
  • Create Pseudo Tachometers for complex gearbox monitoring
  • Configure tachometer setting and associate multiple tachometers with multiple sensors
  • Configure FFT windowing, overlap, averages and size
  • Save and load Machine Configurations to quickly switch between sensor setups
  • Configure CAN-MD® sensor Heartbeat

Available Condition Indicators

Asynchronous Condition Indicators:
  •  RMS
  •  Skew
  •  Spectral Peak - Absolute
  •  Spectral Peak - Relative
  •  Spectral Energy – Relative 
  •  Spectrum
  •  Time Domain

Time Synchronous Condition Indicators:
  •  Time Synchronous Average
  •  Order Domain Data Waveform
  •  Order Domain, Amplitude
  •  Order Domain, Phase

The CAN-MD® Tablet Software provides users the tools need to view live data from the CAN-MD® sensors with both manually requested acquisitions and auto broadcast acquisitions.

  •  Plot Extended Condition Indicators (Time Domain, FFT, TSA, etc)
  •  Trend Plot Simple Condition Indicators (RMS, Skew, ODD Phase and Amplitude, etc)
  •  Create gauge arrays for Simple Condition Indicators
  •  Cursor tools and plot scaling


The CAN-MD® Tablet software allows user to manage the data files saved on the CAN-MD WiFi data logger and plot saved data for review.

  •  Manage data files saved on the CAN-MD® WiFi Data Logger
  •  Save files to CAN-MD® Tablet for later review
  •  Export data files into ASCII for review on other software
  •  Plot saved data and utilize plotting tools

The CAN-MD® Tablet Software provides additional tools to aid users who are conducting integrating as well as to maintain the CAN-MD® WiFi Data Logger with the latest firmware updates.

  •  CAN BUS Activity Viewing Tool
    • View CAN bus traffic
    • See CAN frames and annotated messages to learn how the sensors communicate.
    • Troubleshoot integration issues by viewing errors


  • Updater tool for CAN-MD® WiFi Data Logger
  • Simple tool to stay up to date with the latest logger firmware features and improvements.