CAN–MD® Phase II




The Dytran/Sage bus-based smart sensor platform for machinery diagnostics achieves Time Synchronous Averaging milestone. The Controller Area Network – Machinery Diagnostic (CAN-MD®) platform has achieved synchronous measurement capability that provides phase and amplitude as part of its computational toolbox.

Dytran Instruments, Inc. and technology development partner Sage Machinery Diagnostics, LLC announce the completion of Phase II of the CAN-MD® smart sensing platform. CAN-MD® is a disruptive technology that processes analog vibration data inside the sensor and outputs those results as Condition Indicators directly to a digital data bus for consumption by the vehicle health management system. CAN-MD® provides localized A/D conversion and algorithm-driven digital signal processing inside each sensor; all sensors operate over one common wire (bus trunk line) without the need for a central system processor.

Vibration and speed signal processing are performed at each sensor location and the processed results (along with raw data on command) are communicated on the bus at normal bus rates. Moving "Big Data" is no longer a problem in a bussed environment thanks to the localized processing of wide bandwidth dynamic signals at or near the sensor location. Rotor and shaft balancing data is now available for entire flight regardless of regime. In addition to "Health" monitoring this data can be used by the maintainer for superior rotor track and balance solutions for shafts, fans or main and tail rotors.

CAN-MD® Developer Kits are available for those seeking to explore this exciting new technology. The unique CAN-MD® system architecture invites collaboration with all manufacturers of cockpit avionics including Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), Flight Data Recorders (FDR's) and Airborne Flight Tracking Systems or with those wishing to add vibration health monitoring to their recorded flight data. Novice entities looking to add machinery diagnostic capabilities to CAN-BUS architectures will find CAN-MD® simple to integrate. Markets include automotive, industrial off-road, aviation, rail, unmanned vehicle, and space applications.

Mike Change, President of Dytran said, "The all-digital environment of the CAN-MD® platform opens up an entire world of monitoring and analysis options. Now, advanced machinery diagnostic capabilities can be added to critical components to enhance a failure prevention regime formerly dominated by time-based removals." The CAN-MD® platform addresses an increasing need for machinery monitoring and failure prevention with special emphasis on unmanned vehicles where no driver/pilot is present to detect performance anomalies that would indicate impending mechanical failure such as excessive vibration, gear tooth chips, or excessive bearing wear.

"We no longer have to look toward the future; the future is now. Potentially devastating conditions related to machinery faults are detectable using easily-integrated CAN-MD® technology; the door is now open to add this capability to the vehicles and transportation systems we rely on to work smoothly and safely at all times", Change said.

To learn more about CAN-MD® advanced machinery diagnostic technology please contact Dave Change, Vice President/Technical Director at Dytran ( [email protected]) or Chuck Kemp, President at Sage Machinery Diagnostics, LLC ([email protected]) or visit and

About Us

Dytran Instruments, Inc. is a world leader in AC and DC coupled vibration sensors and accelerometers installed in commercial and military rotorcraft HUMS systems. In addition to CAN-MD®, Dytran manufactures over 40K sensors/year and offers a broad line of sensing solutions for laboratory, experimental, and product development purposes. 

Sage Machinery Diagnostics, LLC, is a small team of industry veterans experienced in Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). They have participated in the development of four prior generations of Health Monitoring (VHM and HUMS) systems within the rotorcraft industry serving both commercial and military applications.

CAN-MD® is the brainchild of this team of experts in the fields of dynamic vibration sensing and data acquisition and analysis.