3310C, High Temperature, Isolated, Tear Drop, Charge Mode Accelerometer




Dytran Instruments, Inc. (www.dytran.com) a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and DC MEMS accelerometers, force and pressure transducers and associated electronics, is pleased to announce the release of  Model 3310A, our innovative ultra miniature, high temperature, isolated, charge mode accelerometer.

Model 3310C is characterized by its miniature size (.35 L X .35” Ø X .24” H) which allows it to be mounted in areas that allow only a very small footprint. The 3310C’s high output, low capacitance, thermally stable single crystal material improves temperature stability, allowing for operation in high temperature (up to +500°F) environments. One unique feature of this model is its low thermal coefficient of sensitivity, which means that the sensor sensitivity changes very little with changing temperature.

This miniature accelerometer, utilizes the latest in planar shear technology to generate clean low noise signals. The accelerometer is permanently bonded in an anodized aluminum isolation cup which electrically isolates the case from the mounting surface preventing “Ground Loop” interference. In addition, its low mass and high crystal stiffness allow this sensor to measure high frequency vibrations with very little error.

Model 3310C is packaged in a titanium case and weighs only 1.8 grams. Available with a sensitivity of 1.0 - 1.3 pC/g, this model is installed using adhesives or mounting wax. The sensor features a specially designed Dytran 3-56 coaxial connector, which mates with a supplied replacement cable, terminating to a 10-32 jack.

Typical uses for model 3310C include but are not limited to the following test applications: Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), mechanical shock testing, shock and vibration testing of small lightweight specimens (such as printed circuit boards), product response testing and for general purpose high temperature vibration measurements where space is at a premium.

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