3055D/3056D Uniaxial, Low Noise, Modal Analysis Sensors




Dytran Instruments, Inc. (www.dytran.com) a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and DC MEMS accelerometers, force and pressure transducers and associated electronics, has upgraded their 3055B and 3056B product families to the 3055D and 3056D families.

These workhorse hermetically sealed product families are characterized by low noise, high resonant frequencies (> 35KHz), a tight sensitivity specification of +/- 5% and a frequency response of 1Hz- 10KHz. Especially popular as modal response accelerometers and shaker control, these product families have strong worldwide demand in many general purpose applications as well. The all welded titanium housings provide a durable, lightweight, low cost product.

Dytran's new 3055D and 3056D product families offer an enhanced isolation design and a larger hex design for easier grip. The 3055D features a horizontal 10-32 electrical connector and is offered in acceleration ranges between 10g and 500g with optional TEDs. The 3056D family features a top 10-32 electrical connector and is offered in acceleration ranges between 10g and 1000g with optional TEDs.

The product isolation design moves the isolation from an external epoxied isolation base to an internal isolation, rendering the large hex also isolated from internal electrical grounds as well as the mounting base. The larger hex design adds to the ruggedness of the unit providing a larger surface to grip for torque application. The electronics amplifier design has remained the same as well as the footprint of the devices, making them backward compatible with the 3055B/3056B families which are being discontinued.

For more information about the 3055D/3056D series or other products available from Dytran, or to order online, visit www.dytran.com. Please call 818-700-7818 or email sales@dytran.com for pricing.