Dytran provides the following list for informational purposes only.  We have no affiliation with the organizations listed.  Most equipment manufacturers, service providers or software developers listed are people we know and trust.  Our recommendation should never take the place of your own research.




Equipment Reliability Institute

Wayne Tustin



Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology


SAE International

Society for Automotive Engineers International



Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc.




Alta Solutions, Inc.

Test and measurement systems for industrial monitoring


Chart Industries, Inc.

Environmental test chambers


Crystal Instruments

A supplier of system and software for machine monitoring, dynamic measurement, vibration and acoustic testing.


Data Physics Corporation

A manufacturer of vibration testing equipment and signal processing solutions including dynamic signal analyzers, vibration controllers, shakers and accessories.


ETS Solutions

Shaker vibration test equipment and systems


FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

Manufacturer of advanced load cells, force sensors, torque sensors, pressure sensors, signal conditioners, digital displays and portable sensor / verification calibration systems utilizing strain gauge and thin film technology.

HALT and HASS Systems Corporation

Test chambers for accelerated reliability


Hanse Environmental, Inc.

Turnkey systems for ESS, HALT, HASS and environmental simulation



Multi-channel data acquisition systems with universal signal conditioning, wireless data acquisition systems and multi-channel transient recorders


L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.

Designs, manufactures and services product reliability and package testing equipment, including drop testers, shock testers, hydraulic vibration, mechanical vibration and incline impact testers.


Manufacturing Automation Laboratory, Inc.

Hardware, software and complete systems for simulation and analysis of machine tools using vibration and modal analysis techniques


QualMark Corporation

Environmental test chambers


Thermotron Industries

Environmental test chambers


Trig-Tek, Inc.

Standard and custom instrumentation for dynamic measurements


Vibrant Technology, Inc.

Software for structural testing and machinery maintenance professionals. Functionality includes post processing vibration and acoustic test data.


Vibration Research Corporation

Manufacturer of controllers and analyzers for electro-dynamic, servo-hydraulic and servo-electric shakers, serving customers globally



Manufacturer of electrical connectors for fluid environments, high pressure / high temperature connectors, boot seals, hull penetrators, junction boxes, elastomeric connector, cable splices, umbilical terminations, proximity switches and custom rubber molded products


Consulting Services


Diagnostic Solutions

Provides all inclusive source for aircraft Health and Usage Monitoring Systems, to include Honeywell / Chadwick-Helmuth equipment, training and field support, consultation, software development, and data management analysis.


Hankinson, Inc.

Providing complete dynamic measurement systems including sensors, acquisition and processing hardware, software, and dynamic measurement and analysis training.


Ops A La Carte LLC

A Professional Consulting Firm focused on reliability engineering services, reliability management, and reliability education to assist customers in developing and executing any and all elements of reliability throughout their organization and their product's life cycle.  One of their specialty services is helping customers implement HALT and HASS programs.


Screening Services and Training

Supplying repair, preventative maintenance, calibration and training on HALT / HASS chambers manufactured by Screening Systems, Inc.


Engineering Research Tools


Virtual industrial exhibition



The engineering search engine


Sens2B International

The international sensors, detectors and measurement devices portal

Networking and information sharing website for the sound and vibration community