Dytran Instruments is equipped to design and manufacture custom sensors and cable assemblies to meet the requirements of unique commercial, aerospace/defense and OEM applications, including unique packaging configurations, special connectors and calibrations.


In addition to the standard product line, Dytran has a dedicated focus to offer custom sensor and cable offerings. Some of the most critical factors which influence Dytran’s willingness and ability to create precise, custom designs to fit your specific application or program include the in-house design engineering center, R&D and engineering laboratory, in-house CNC machine shop and highly experienced and trained engineers.


A unique component of Dytran’s custom design capabilities includes the ability to engineer professionally sheathed cable bundles according to precise customer requirements for a variety of applications and environments. Typical requests originate from customers involved in large scale modal testing, remote field NVH testing, and for use within environmental test cells. Bundles vary in the types of connectors, configuration, number of cables, length, cable material, and any special protective covering or coatings that may be required.


Please contact a member of our sales or customer service team for additional information regarding custom designs. Dytran appreciates the opportunity to design and manufacturing custom products for your unique application requirements.