In selecting the components necessary to develop a complete measurement system or add to an existing system, you will want to consider the specific requirements of your application and the varying characteristics of the sensors, power units, and cables required. The technical articles in this section are authored by Dytran's Chairman of the Board, Nicholas D. Change, an acknowledged expert in the field of sensor design. These articles discuss the theory, technologies, and individual operating characteristics of the components required to develop a complete system.


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I. Piezoelectric Measurement System Comparison: Charge Mode vs. Low Impedance Voltage Mode

II. Low Frequency Phase Shift in LIVM Sensors as a function of Discharge Time Constant and Frequency

III. Low Frequency Response and Quasi-Static Behavior of LIVM Sensors

IV. Introduction to Piezoelectric Force Sensors

V. Introduction to Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors

VI. Introduction to LIVM Accelerometers

VII. Introduction to Charge Mode Accelerometers

VIII. Accelerometer Mounting Considerations

IX. Back-to-Back Accelerometer Calibration

X. Introduction to Current Source Power Units

XI. Introduction to Impulse Hammers

XII. Cable Considerations

XIII. Useful Formulae and Conversion Factors

XIV. Glossary of Terms