Series 3263A, Miniature, Low Noise, High Sensitivity, Triaxial Accelerometers

April 19, 2017 – Chatsworth, California, USA – Dytran Instruments, Inc. ( a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric and DC MEMS accelerometers, force and pressure transducers and associated electronics, is pleased to announce the release of  Series 3263A, our miniature, lightweight,  low noise, high frequency response triaxial accelerometers.

Dytran’s robust 3263A accelerometer is characterized by its miniature size (0.48”L x 0.48”W x 0.44” H), allowing for a small footprint and low mass which minimizes “mass loading” effects. Weighing only 5.6 grams, this series has a high resonance frequency which allows for extended frequency response up to 10 kHz. The 3263A series includes 10, 50 or 100 mV/g sensitivities and also offers TEDS capable models.

The 3263A sensor’s nominal sensitivity of 100 mV/g greatly simplify any NVH test set up due to the integrated triaxial package with single 4-pin connector which minimizes the number of required cables, single point of reference for all axes and low noise operation. This series is hermetically sealed within a titanium housing which makes it ideal for harsh environments prevalent in NVH testing, such as undercarriage trials or environmental exposure testing for external automotive structures.

Typical uses for Series 3263A include but are not limited to the following test applications: NVH, squeak and rattle, modal analysis, structural dynamics testing and for general purpose triaxial vibration measurements.

For more information about model 3263A or other products available from Dytran, or to order online, visit Please call 818-700-7818 or email for more information and pricing.