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  • 1 mV/lbf sensitivity
  • 5,000 lbf range
  • 10,000 lbf maximum force
  • BNC connector
  • 12 pound head weight
  • IEPE
  • Modal and structural analysis of very heavy structures such as concrete castings, storage tanks, pipelines, towers, bridges, dams and concrete structures
  • Structural testing of locomotives, ships and building foundations
  • Other low to very low frequency structural testing requirements


The Dytran model 5803A is an IEPE impulse sledge hammer, used to excite larger structures with a definable impulse force, for purposes of studying their dynamic behavior. The impulse is used to identify resonances, an important measurement parameter for the study of dynamic behavior, as well as to help determine the overall structural health of a test specimen.

With a sensitivity of 1 mV/lbf and an available measurement range of 5,000 lbf, model 5803A is the largest of the Dytran sledge hammers with a head weight of 12 pounds, and is supplied with four interchangeable impact tips. Electrical connection is achieved via a BNC jack located at the end of the hammer handle. Design of the Dytran IEPE impulse sledge hammer incorporates a special acceleration compensated piezoelectric force sensor in the hammer head at the striking face, ensuring a smooth frequency spectrum that is free from anomalies.

Supplied Accessories: (1) model 6252H hard impact tip, (1) model 6252M medium impact tip, (1) model 6252S soft impact tip, (1) model 6252T tough impact tip

Recommended Accessories: model 4114B1

Compatible Cables: 6020A