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  • 10 mV/g sensitivity
  • 500g range
  • 4.8 to 660 frequency range (±5%)
  • 18-inch integral hardline cable assembly
  • Tri-bolt mount
  • 150 grams
  • Stainless steel
  • Hermetic
  • Case isolated
  • Integrated differential amplifier
  • Uniquely combines IEPE and charge output technology, seamlessly operating as a single unit
  • +900°F (+482°C) operation
  • IEPE
  • High temperature industrial vibration monitoring
  • High temperature turbine vibration measurements
  • General purpose high temperature monitoring


The Dytran model 5334 is a high temperature hybrid vibration monitoring system, consisting of a charge mode accelerometer and in-line miniature differential charge amplifier operating from a constant current 2-wire (IEPE) power unit, permanently joined together as a single unit with an interconnecting integral hardline cable.

The unique configuration of the Dytran model 5334 is known as a hybrid system because it combines both IEPE and charge mode piezoelectric technologies into a single operating unit. The accelerometer is connected to the input of the charge amplifier via an 18-inch long hardline cable (SiO2 insulated) which is unaffected by high temperatures at the point of measurement.

The model 5334 features a case isolated design to avoid EMI/ground loop interference, with hermetic sealing for reliable operation in high humidity and dirty environments. Units offer an industry standard tri-bolt mount, stainless steel construction, and incorporate the use of ultra high temperature piezoelectric crystals in compression mode for extremely stable operation at temperatures up to +900°F (+482°C).

Supplied Accessories: (3) model 6535 mounting screws (8-32)