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New! Powerful and Portable 6DOF VibraCorder™ II

Dytran's next generation vibration recorder enables engineers to capture on-the-spot 6DOF, static, and dynamic acceleration measurements at the press of a button!


Easily installed, user configurable software optimizes data collection while built-in firmware handles acceleration in three axes as well as gyroscope data on the removable Micro SD-card. The 4401A2 also features a software controlled relay for the operation of external components such as cameras, indicator lights, and other accessories.


Applications for the VibraCorder™ II Include:

Designed for test and evaluation in the following categories:

  • Automotive Testing
    • Ride & Handling
    • NVH
  • Vibration Testing
  • Remote Vibration Measurement
  • Rotating Machinery Diagnostics
  • Transportation Monitoring
  • Impact Testing
  • Sports Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Playground Testing
  • Suspension Testing
  • Many More Categories: Please contact our sales team with your measurement challenge!

Software Download

1. Windows software necessary for analyzing data collected with the 4401A

2. Windows application required for loading new firmware into 4401A

3. 4401A Firmware (v.1)

VibraCorder™ II Device Features:

  • VibraCorder™ II Includes: Model 4401A2 Vibration Recorder, SDHC 32GB memory card, and Software Tool Kit
  • Data Collection Features
    • Triaxial accelerometers and gyroscopes provide 6DOF data collection
    • Internal relay allows for control of external devices such as alarms to notify operators or enabling of cameras
    • Multiple recording regimes: free run, triggered event, triggered free run, auto stop, etc.
  • Software Tool Kit Features
    • Easy to install software for viewing collected data and configuring hardware run modes
    • Built-in firmware handles acceleration in three axes acceleration and gyroscope data storage on the SD card
    • Several sampling rates available: 250, 1200, and 4280hz
  • Vibracorder™ II Specs
    • Lightweight (425 g) and field ready at 3.95 [100.3] x 2.75 [69.8] x 1.65 [41.9] inches/mm
    • Environmentally sealed
    • Powered through a rechargeable li-po battery or external power from 8–32 V DC
    • Multi-day recording time with targeted relay software settings 
    • Low battery indicator with emergency file save feature
    • Screw mount
    • +/-16 g range 


VibraCorder™ II Software Features:

  • Immediate data retrieval from the Micro SD card to a PC
  • Easy cursor operation for data selection, zoom, and cursor alignment
  • Data overlay
  • Anti-Alias-Filtering
  • Oversampling
  • FFT analysis
  • Time Synchronous Averaging
  • Data export to multiple formats
  • Real Time Stamp