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The Dytran model 4151HL True RMS Vibration Meter displays the true root mean square value of the vibration level of machinery, structures and other test objects when used with any 10 or 100 mV/g IEPE accelerometers.

The vibration level is displayed on a precision taut band, moving-coil meter, located on the front face of the model 4151HL. A zero to 10 Volt DC signal, analogous to vibration level, is also available for remote monitoring of the vibration level with a DC DVM. Model 4151HL has a built-in 4 mA constant current source to supply power to the integral IC in the IEPE sensors.

“True RMS” means that the model 4151HL contains a true RMS to DC converter IC chip which mathematically calculates the true RMS (Root Mean Square) value of any waveform, sinusoidal or otherwise. This is not an average reading meter calibrated to read in RMS.

The Dytran model 4151HL allows the user to pre-set a “not to exceed” vibration level on any of the four full scale ranges on the front panel meter. When this level is exceeded, a red front panel LED indicator will glow indicating that the set level has been exceeded. Also, if desired, the operator may enable an additional circuit which will close and open a set of relay contacts which may be used, for example, to initiate and audible alarm or to shut down the operation of a shaker system. The alarm condition remains activated until the overload condition is rectified and the operator depresses a front panel reset button which restores the meter to its pre-alarm condition.

Units are a rack-mountable module type unit, and is designed for convenient mounting in a standard 19-inch wide by 5 1/4-in high equipment rack if desired. It may also be used as a “stand alone” desk top instrument if left in its outer case.