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The Dytran model 4123B is a 19-inch wide by 1 3/4-inch high, rack mountable, line powered current source power unit and voltage gain amplifier, designed to power up to 12 channels of IEPE sensors. Model 4123B supplies power to operate the sensors’ built-in amplifiers, decouples the signal from the sensors’ DC bias and provides voltage gain to the sensor signal for each channel, individually, in switch-selected steps of x1, x10 and x100. It can power up to 12 channels simultaneously. The front panel of the unit contains a single BNC output jack for monitoring the sensor signal at the input of any channel with a single readout instrument, such as an oscilloscope. The selection for this purpose is made by a 6 position rotary switch which is also used to select a channel for fault monitoring.

The front panel of model 4123B contains:

  • The power on/off toggle switch
  • The power ‘on’ indicator lamp
  • The fault monitor voltmeter to check for normal sensor and cables
  • A 12-position rotary selector switch to select the channel for fault monitoring and for input signal monitoring
  • A BNC jack labeled “monitor” to allow monitoring of the input signal to the gain amplifiers from the sensor
  • 12 3-position toggle switches to set the voltage gain individually for each channel
  • 12 BNC output jacks carrying the amplifier output signal for each channel

The back panel of model 4123B contains:

  • The AC power cord (3-wire, 6-feet long)
  • A fuse holder for the replaceable fuse
  • 12 “Sensor” BNC jacks for connection to the IEPE sensors
  • 12 BNC “Output” jacks carrying the amplified signal from each channel (the rear panel jacks are duplicates of the front panel output jacks and are connected electrically in parallel with them)