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The Dytran model 4110C is a line-operated constant current power unit designed to power IEPE sensors and in-line charge amplifiers. This unit provides 2 to 20 mA of constant current at +24 VDC compliance voltage. Model 4110C is a single-channel unit with BNC sensor and output jacks. Electrical connectors are mounted on the rear panel of the unit.

The Dytran model 4110C contains highly regulated +24 VDC power supply coupled to adjustable constant current circuits. The constant current circuits consist of clamped-base PNP transistors with variable emitter resistor to adjust the current. The current output of these circuits is user-settable over the range of 2 to 20 mA. The constant current is supplied to the sensors via the rear-panel sensor jacks.

The standard version of model 4110C operates from 115 VAC line power. A 230 VAC version, model E4110C, is also available for use in countries where the normal voltage line if 230 VAC.