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  • 10 mV/g sensitivity
  • 500g range
  • 0.8 to 10,000 Hz frequency range (+15/-5%)
  • 79-inch (2007-millimeter) integral cable
  • Adhesive mount
  • 2.5 grams
  • Titanium
  • Hermetic
  • Case isolated
  • Lightweight
  • Triaxial
  • Moisture resistant
  • IEPE
  • General purpose triaxial vibration measurements in damp conditions


The Dytran model 3243M2 is a low profile, moisture resistant triaxial IEPE accelerometer with an overall height of 0.26 inches (6.6 millimeters) and weighing just 2.5 grams.

Featuring titanium construction, a 10 mV/g sensitivity and adhesive mounting, the model 3243M2 incorporates a 79-inch (2007-millimeter) integral cable terminating to (3) BNC connectors, with a splash-proof boot at the point of sensor and cable connection. The hermetically sealed cable-to-accelerometer boot seal makes it possible for the sensor to be temporarily submerged during testing. Units are case isolated to avoid EMI/ground loop interference.