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  • 10 pC/g sensitivity
  • 5,000 Hz upper frequency range (±5%)
  • 10-32 radial connector
  • 10-32 tapped hole
  • 42 grams
  • Stainless steel
  • Hermetic
  • +600°F (+316°C) operation
  • Small size
  • Charge mode
  • Automotive engine/exhaust analysis
  • Turbine vibration monitoring
  • General purpose high temperature vibration monitoring


Intended for use in vibration studies in high temperature environments, the Dytran model 3088C is a high performance piezoelectric charge mode accelerometer designed to reliably operate in temperatures up to +600°F (+316°C).

The model 3088C has a nominal sensitivity of 10 pC/g and an upper frequency range of 5,000 Hz. It features a 10-32 radial connector, 10-32 mounting hole, stainless steel construction, and is hermetically sealed for use in demanding environments.

Supplied Accessories: (1) model 6200 mounting stud (10-32 to 10-32)

Compatible Cables: 6894A, 6946A, 6979A