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  • 5.0 pC/g sensitivity
  • 8,000 Hz upper frequency range (±5%)
  • 10-32 axial connector
  • adhesive mount
  • 3 grams
  • Titanium
  • Hermetic
  • Base isolated
  • +350°F (+177°C) operation
  • Lightweight
  • Charge mode
  • Modal analysis
  • Vibration control
  • General purpose high temperature vibration monitoring



The Dytran model 3049D1 is a rugged high temperature charge mode accelerometer, designed to reliably operate in temperatures up to +350°F (+177°C). Featuring a lightweight titanium housing and a sensitivity of 5.0 pC/g, the base of the model 3049D1 is electrically isolated to avoid EMI/ground loop interference. Units are also hermetically sealed for use in demanding environments.

This sensor is part of Dytran's 3049D piezoelectric accelerometer series, which differ only in terms of their mounting configuration. The model 3049D1 is offered with adhesive mounting capabilities, while its counterpart, the model 3049D, features a 10-32 stud mount.

Recommended Accessories: model 4110C current source power unit, 4705A series in-line charge amplifier (BNC jack to BNC jack), 4751B series in-line charge amplifier (10-32 jack to 10-32 jack)

Compatible Cables: 6002A, 6013A, 6019A, 6036A, 6037A, 6049A, 6057A, 6097A, 6411A, 6417A, 6419A, 6924A, 6991A