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  • 10 mV/LbF sensitivity
  • 500 LbF range
  • 3,000 LbF maximum force
  • 8 grams
  • Stainless steel
  • Case isolated
  • Ring Style force sensor
  • Low profile
  • Excellent Linearity
  • Force link
  • Machinery studies
  • Press monitoring
  • Process control


The Dytran model 1212V4 is a low profile ring style IEPE force sensor offered with a 10 mV/lbf sensitivity with a 10 foot integral cable with a BNC plug termination. The industry commonly refers to the sensors as "force washers", due to their similar appearance. Units were designed to measure rapid or slowly changing dynamic forces in machinery and other applications where a thru stud or bolt holds the sensor in place in a preloaded condition. The model 1212V4 can measure vibratory compressive forces over a wide frequency range and unidirectional pulsing forces from punch and forming presses and other repetitive force applications as well as impact forces. As an IEPE sensor, the model 1212V4 features built-in electronics, eliminating the need for an external charge amplifier and converter.

The model 1212V4 is offered with a full scale range of 500 lbs. Design of the model 1212V4 features a quartz sensing element, operating in compression mode and packaged in a rugged stainless steel housing weighing 8 grams.

Recommended Accessories: model 4110C current source power unit