Company Profile


Founded in 1980 by sensor industry veteran Nicholas D. Change, Dytran Instruments, Inc. specialized at its inception in piezoelectric accelerometers, load cells, pressure transducers and impulse hammers. Nick began his long career in the sensor industry in 1961, working as a product line manager with a pioneering sensor manufacturer in the Buffalo, New York area. In the years after earning a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Buffalo, Nick served as President of two sensor companies prior to starting Dytran.  Nick made the decision to form Dytran Instruments, Inc. in order to bring his own designs and innovations to the growing sensor marketplace. (The name “Dytran” was formed by combining the words “dynamic” and “transducer”.)


Two years after founding Dytran, Nick moved the company from Buffalo to its current headquarters in Chatsworth, California, located approximately 25 miles northwest of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley.  Nick’s children, Michael, David, and Anne joined Dytran at the very outset and today serve as Officers and Directors.  Michael R. Change serves as President, David A. Change is Vice President, Technical Director, and Anne M. Hackney is Vice president, Chief Financial Officer.  Dytran Founder and immediate past President Nicholas D. Change remains active in the company as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, and continues to design innovative products for Dytran.


Since its founding, Dytran has built a solid 35+ year industry reputation for trusted, field proven experience in the design and manufacture of sensors for dynamic testing. Today, Dytran is adapting new sensor technologies to broaden the product line and to better serve our customers across the dynamic measurement spectrum.  Single axis and triaxial DC MEMS style accelerometers utilizing state-of-the-art variable capacitance accelerometer sensing elements, combined with our industry-leading packaging expertise, are enabling a wave of new product development. Dytran engineers, working together with our customers to meet new sensing challenges, are generating innovative, reliable solutions for today’s toughest applications, just as we have been doing since 1980.  We look forward to serving you!